The festival was set up by Branislav Galo in 2016 as an informal meeting of friends and street artists. The inspiration for organising the festival was his performance with the street art band, Kamila Veterná Trio, where he played on the flute, together with guitarist and singer, Kamila Melicherová, and drummer, Boris Páleník.

By providing his venue and refreshments for artists, the festival was significantly supported by Aurel Rusnák, which also helped to create a tradition of co-operation with local restaurants and cafes. In addition to street music performances, the Piešťany Street ART, since its first year, and thanks to the support of Jozef Hnídzik, AKA JuJu Planet Dub, and his regular festival performances, has always inclined to present experimental and electronic music.

The Piešťany Street ART continues to be held following this as part of the Urban Tone platform, under joint organisation by Branislav Galo and Andrea Galová. Its programme is gradually extending from music to street art paintings, street theatre and street circus performances.

In 2021, the festival became a two-day event. It is enriched with fine art by the involvement of a new member of the festival team, Natália Uhrinová, a student of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the UWB in Pilsen. Sára “Meluzína” Halíková, Marek Pažín and Martin Motyčka also join the organisational team.

The Urban Tone platform is renamed to the Piešťany Street ART. According to the graphic design of Monika Škodová, a student of FDULS UWB in Pilsen, the festival changes its visuals by using a combination of the reflective colour elements, calligraphy and a variable background with alternating examples of music and fine arts.

Thanks to the perfect location of Piešťany, the cosmopolitan atmosphere and tradition of street art in the centre of the town, the Street ART Festival becomes a natural part of annual summer celebrations at the end of July or during the first August weekend.


During the festival, apart from the official programme, the centre of Piešťany also becomes a free busking zone for street performers, where everybody is welcome to perform their art of all backgrounds. We prefer street artists with original art.

Contact us by email or phone, and if you have any artwork, whether in the form of an audio recording, video or other format, send us your URL link.


A DIY music festival of local bands, musicians and songwriters offering conventional and alternative music performances. The main concept of the event is to provide a concert venue for anyone who wants to present their music through a short performance, usually supported from an audience in the form of hatting. All performers are provided, for a defined time frame, with professional sound equipment and support from an attending sound engineer.

The Piešťany Open MIC Live takes place annually at the end of January or during the first February weekend.